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Advanced High Speed 1,2 and 4 pair SHDSL.bis Modems, Repeaters, Cards, DSLAM and Chassis - Supporting E1 and Ethernet Interfaces

Orion2 Family


Orion2 System Modems, Chassis, Repeaters and Options

The FlexDSL Orion2 product family offers a range of products which are based on the latest SHDSL.bis standard. This technology allows symmetrical data and voice transmission services at speeds up to 5.7Mbps over single pair copper. By providing multiple E1 interfaces which are based on G.703/G.704 standards as well as by offering an Ethernet user interface with tagged VLAN supporting bridge functionality. The Orion2  is a perfect fit for various applications in which TDM and IP services need to be transmitted over a single pair of copper. Furthermore, the Orion2 Line Termination Unit (LTU) also offers channel bonding functionality for up to 22Mbps by using 4 pairs of copper wires.

The Orion2 supports TC-PAM8, TC-PAM16, and the new TC-PAM32 line coding. Orion2+ supports in addition TC-PAM64/128!! The support of these line codes ensures interoperability with existing SHDSL equipment, which is already installed, in order to protect customer's investments, while providing an upgrade path to newest DSL technologies.

As carrier class DSL devices, the FlexDSL Orion2 is equipped with extensive management functionality and supports local console port as well as Telnet, HTTP and SNMP management. Moreover, it offers extended operation statistics thanks to the implementation of BERT and G.826 statistics.

The FlexDSL Orion2 utilizes latest technology in order to offer maximum flexibility and performance, protecting operators investment.

Orion2 and Orion2+ PDF downloads:
Orion2 Brochure

Orion2+ Brochure
DINrail Orion2 Industrial SHDSL and SHDSLbis Modems


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