Repeaters for G.SHDSL

2 and 4 wire Repeaters/Regenerators (TDM/ATM) with Ethernet Interfaces Transmission up to 15 Mbps per Copper Pair



Repeaters/Regenerators for G.shdsl Lines Optional Line Powered

The FlexDSL Orion2 and 3 SHDSL.bis product family includes a unique range of SHDSL repeaters. The support of TC-PAM8, TC-PAM16, and the new TC-PAM32/64/128 line coding allows seamless integration into existing DSL infrastructures, which is also the reason why FlexDSL Orion2 +3repeaters are used by numerous SHDSL manufacturers around the world.
The support of SHDSL.bis allows the extension of symmetrical data and voice transmission at speeds of up to 5.7Mbps/15Mbps over a single pair of copper. Additionally, the FlexDSL Orion2 + 3 SHDSL.bis repeaters support DSL channel bonding with up to two copper pairs in order to extend speeds up to 11.4Mbps/30Mbps!  FlexDSL Orion2 SHDSL.bis repeaters offer an add/drop  Ethernet bridge (10/100BaseT) facility, ensuring maximum connectivity at sites where the  business case may not jusify expensive DSL nodes.
Like all FlexDSL Orion products,  FlexDSL Orion2 +3 SHDSL.bis repeaters are also based on industrial components and manufactured according to the highest quality standards thus providing additional value due to extended temperature range operation and high reliability.

A comprehensive set of desktop, DIN Rail, and IP67 housings should make FlexDSL Orion2 repeaters your product of choice to reach your customers.
For OEM projects FlexDSL repeaters can be customized to customer’s specific housing, line coding (TC-PAM based) and management requirements.

Repeater PDF downloads:
Orion2 +3 Repeater Brochure

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